Welcome to the new MINIDISKO website!

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It’s finally done! For the first time, MINIDISKO has its own project website, detached from my main website fabriziomusacchio.com. In the last few days I have transferred all MINIDISKO content to a new website hoster and created this new website.

The new website is built with Jekyll and hosted on GitHub Pages, i.e., the website is going fully Open Source. This reduces the costs for the website hosting dramatically. But why should you care how much money I have to spend for this website?

Well, in the wake of rebuilding this website from scratch, I also decided that MINIDISKO becomes a charity project. I thought that more people should benefit from the cards, apart from those, who buy them, and appart from me, who has fun on their creation. Therfore, any profit emerging from MINIDISKO print sales will be donated from now on to a non-profit, charitable organization. I only reserve the cost of production, shipping and any online shop fees from each profit to cover my own costs.

I try to reduce the costs for the cards (production, distribution) as much as possible, so that more money is left for the charitable organization. Besides the new and free website hosting this also includes a change in how the cards are sold on this website. From now on, you will send me an e-mail request, if you want to buy one or more cards. You will find a corresponding e-mail-link on each item page. After receiving your email, I will calculate the shipping costs and send you a reply with the corresponding offer and the PayPal transaction details. I decided not to use an external (and hence paid) purchase solution in order to keep the additional costs for the cards as low as possible. Again, I will pass on every saved cent directly to the charitable organization.

I will very soon make the cards also available on Etsy and REDBUBBLE, just in case that you’d rather prefer such purchase solutions. I will add the corresponding links as soon as I have setup the shops on both platforms. But please keep already in mind, that such online shop solutions are always related to extra fees, which reduces the profit that is reserved for the charitable organization.

After finishing the most important content and design adjustments on the new website, I have already selected the first non-profit organization to which all profits are donated from now on. I will announce the organization in a follow-up post.



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