Hello, my name is Fabrizio Musacchio. Being bored of the greeting cards available at my local store, I once decided to make my own ones. By chance I still had a few of the famous plastic toy bricks in the basement, so I could start straight away.

At the beginning, I created only a few cards, just for my friends and relatives. But very soon I had a whole collection, as it turned out to be a lot of fun to create such kitschy and oversaturated cards. And of course, I still enjoy playing with the plastic toys, too.

The collection grew and grew and I decided to make them available to a broader audience, so that more people can enjoy them. This was the beginning of the MINIDISKO project.

Charity project

I hope that people have fun with the cards. But I also thought, the more people benefit from them, the better. Therefore, I donate all profits minus expenses (e.g., for manufacturing, shipping and ancillary costs) to a non-profit organization. Please read more about it.

Where to buy

You can purchase cards on this website by sending me an e-mail. You will find a corresponding e-mail-link on each item page. I do not use an external (and hence paid) purchase solution in order to keep the additional costs for the cards as low as possible. Every saved ccent will be passed on directly to the charitable organization.

I will very soon make the cards also available on Etsy and REDBUBBLE, if you’d rather prefer these purchase solutions. I will add the corresponding links as soon as I have setup the shops on both platforms (status: July 2021).

The Cards